We don't usually hear from the people that were involved in the accident. We are called by close family or friends. We're overwhelmed by phone calls from people who've been injured in motorcycle accidents and they're facing mounting medical bills, insurance company calls, and their own frightening emotional reactions. Contact our experienced personal injury lawyer in Colorado if you have questions about who is at fault in a motorcycle accident.

Various Factors that Cause Motorcycle Accidents

Once you know the most common reasons for motorcycle crashes, you can take steps to avoid them and stay safe on the roads. It's not realistic to stop every accident from happening, but by having the knowledge of the most common factors in a motorcycle accident, you increase your chances of avoiding them. The majority of motorcycle accidents are caused by following a motorcycle rider too closely, not following common traffic laws like yielding the right of way, being a distracted driver by scrolling on your phone or tablet, and drunk drivers.

Here are additional causes of motorcycle crashes in Denver:

motorcycle after an accident, at Fault in a Motorcycle Accident

As stated before it's not realistic to avoid all accidents, but being mindful of these causes can prevent you from becoming one of the many victims of motorcycle accidents. To make sure that you avoid serious injury given that you are in an accident make sure to wear a form of eye protection, a motorcycle helmet, be a safe motorcycle operator, and wear other protective gear. This way you are the safest motorcycle driver on the road at all times, it will give you the peace of mind that is needed when operating a vehicle that is known to be a bit more dangerous to drive than others. 

This will ensure that you won't have a loss of quality of life. It will help you avoid any motorcycle accident fatalities. You won't have to worry about contacting your insurance carrier, handling hospital bills, monetary losses, long-term care expenses, the claims process, and any other additional issues that come with the result of a motorcycle accident. 

How Can I Prove That the Motorcycle Crash Wasn't My Fault?

Drivers of other vehicles are usually responsible for causing most motorcyclist accidents. You should also consider hiring a motorcycle accident attorney who is well-versed in these specific types of situations. They will help you tremendously so you are not the fault party in the motorcycle crash. You also need someone with knowledge of motorcycle laws to help prove you are not the one at fault.

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The accident report, the investigation conducted by the authorities, the witnesses' statements, and the physical evidence collected by investigators will outline who was responsible for causing the motorcycle crash. If you're involved in an auto accident, you might consider hiring a personal injury attorney with experience in motor vehicle accidents. They can help you gather important evidence to help prove that the other party caused the accident.

If you're involved in an auto collision under Colorado law, the driver who caused the crash has to pay for the damage. It is the injured person's responsibility to prove that the negligence of the defendant was responsible for causing their injuries. Negligence in an accident case refers to failing to exercise ordinary or reasonable caution. If a driver is negligent while operating their vehicle, you have the right to sue them for property damages.

Hiring the most experienced motorcycle accident attorney is recommended since you will want to prove you aren't at fault. They will do their best at gathering any evidence needed from the crash scene so that you can prove your case to a court. 

What Kind of Claims Should I Make for my Injuries?

If you are a motorcycle accident victim, you need to understand that motorcycle accident claims are very unique. The injuries in a motorcycle accident can range from road rash to severe injuries including spinal cord injuries and traumatic brain injuries. If you are injured, you need a personal injury lawyer that can you help you make claims in your case. You will have medical expenses, medical care, loss of income, physical therapy, and much more.

Your insurance company can also help you make claims. You should seek financial compensation for your motorcycle wreck. If you're involved in an automobile crash, motorcycle accidents may cause physical, mental, and/or emotional damage to you. Long-lasting injuries are common, and they can affect someone's quality of life because of the rehabilitation they have to go through. This treatment is expensive and affects an injured rider's ability to earn a living. It also has a negative impact on their enjoyment of life.

motorcycle after hitting a car, at Fault in a Motorcycle Accident

Money cannot compensate for the damage caused by an injury sustained during a motorcycle crash. However, financial recovery may help victims feel better by providing them with some sort of sense of justice and holding negligent parties accountable for their actions. Financial compensation is something someone should seek for motorcycle accident injuries. Motorcycle passengers should also seek a personal injury claim for themselves. 

Here is a list of injuries that are the most common in a motorcycle accident:

This list shows why you should always make sure you are mindful while on the road as the operator of a motorcycle or the operator of a vehicle while on the road. These are accidents that can sometimes lead to death. 

How Long Will my Motorcycle Claim Take?

According to Colorado law, the statute of limitations for most auto accidents involving personal injury claims is three years. After a certain period of time passes, a person cannot file a lawsuit against someone who was negligent. This time frame includes the moment the accident happens, the hiring of a motorcycle accident lawyer, and the time the motorcycle driver sues the faulty driver whether it is for reckless driving, a fatal accident that resulted in a motorcycle death, or any other form of something happening to the motorcyclists in Denver County. 

The time frame may vary depending on the situation whether it be a wrongful death, figuring out liable parties, non-economic damages sustained, the claim given by the injured motorcyclists, insurance policy, comparative negligence, and getting fair compensation. 

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You must also take into account that you will most likely hire an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer who will handle the legal process in a very careful matter for you to make sure that you get maximum compensation for your claim. 

This means you must be patient during the legal process. It could potentially affect your quality of life if you try to rush your claim. Which could very well lead to a longer time period before your case is settled. There are thousands of accidents a year in Colorado so your claim may take longer than you expect or wish for it to due to the number of accidents that occur.  

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