After a car accident, you may suffer injuries that take years to heal and expensive medical bills. To find out how much your injury compensation rewards might be worth, contact an experienced attorney today!

The aftermath of a car accident can leave people with long-term wounds and costly treatments--not to mention the stress of dealing with insurance companies. But if you're looking for someone who's been there before then call our Boulder car accident lawyers today so we can get started on maximizing your settlement value!

If this has happened to you or someone close, call DCAL for a free case evaluation with our experienced attorneys at 720-770-5454. Our accident attorney team has experience helping accident victims get the compensation they deserve and need. We will help make sure that your rights are protected as well as an estimated time frame on potential settlement options so that there is no confusion about how long it could potentially take before receiving any money from your personal injury claim. We'll also work closely with medical providers throughout their care process by coordinating necessary treatments - all while holding insurance companies accountable and making sure everyone's concerns are heard during negotiations.

Auto Accident Statistics

Traffic accidents have become an increasingly frequent occurrence in the United States. A study by National Safety Council found that 38,000 people were killed or hurt on U.S roads last year alone, this comes out to a rate of nearly 90 per day. Additionally, another 4 million sustained injuries of some kind, with 2.3 million of those being serious injuries.

What Kind of Compensation Can You Get After a Car Accident?

You’ve probably got a lot of questions after the accident, and one that might be on your mind is how much money you can expect to receive from it.  Settling an injury case is a complex process. There are many factors that go into how much money, if any, you may recover at the conclusion of your lawsuit or trial, though perhaps the largest factor is recoverable damages. We can divide them up into two major groups: economic damages and non-economic damages.

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Economic Damages

Economic damages for a personal injury case can be fairly easy to identify and prove. Medical bills, property damage you had to pay for, and lost wages from not being able to work are only some of the damages that may come out in your favor when filing a suit against someone who caused harm intentionally or negligently.

Non-Economic Damages

The pain and suffering that comes with injury is a difficult topic to quantify. Medical bills can be easily estimated but things like emotional trauma are much more subjective. However, it's possible that you'll get awarded non-economic damages after being the victim of a car accident.

When accidents happen and a child is a victim, they are more susceptible to suffering lasting trauma. Medical issues can be more complicated since they are still developing, this changes how compensation will be determined.

How Can an Attorney Help My Car Accident Claim?

Sometimes the legal process can be confusing and complicated, especially if you have never been through a lawsuit before. A lawyer may help reduce your chances of making mistakes that could cost you or not getting maximum compensation for injuries because they know what to do in court and how it works there. The following are just some reasons why you might benefit from hiring an attorney:

Dealing With Insurance Companies

You may be surprised to learn that many insurance companies are not really all about being your friend. Yes, they want you to think of them as kind and friendly but the truth is, at the end of the day these businesses exist for one thing: making money. To this end, some insurers hire claims adjusters who know how to make customers say things on their behalf which could damage a claim in hopes of reducing the risk or just getting out from paying what's owed altogether. Hiring an attorney can help reduce this risk by taking responsibility away from you!

Evaluating What Your Claim is Worth

If your auto accident claim is not worth pursuing, you should know this upfront. The legal process can be lengthy and stressful; it may also take time away from work or family life. Sometimes the end result isn't what someone wants to hear, so our Denver trial lawyers are able to advise their clients at the outset whether that person's insurance company is treating them fairly-and if they even have a case in order for an attorney like our team of attorneys to pursue on behalf of their client as well.

Experience With Negotiating Claims

It is difficult to calculate how much your legal claim is worth on your own. There are many factors that go into accident settlement negotiations and each of these gets different weights depending on the circumstances surrounding them. A Boulder County personal injury lawyer with experience in this area will know what accidents similar to yours have settled for, which they may use as leverage during negotiations to accentuate strong points and minimize weaker ones.

What can You Expect From the Car Accident Claim Process?

The average car accident claim follows these steps:

Hire an Attorney

The courtroom is not the place for amateurs. You need someone on your side to help you advocate for yourself in a long and complicated legal process, so it's important that you hire an experienced attorney!

Collect Evidence

Once you have an auto accident lawyer they can gather necessary information and evidence for your case which includes things like police reports, statements from witnesses of the accident, or video footage of the crash among others! This will be instrumental in determining fault in your claim.

A person taking photos of their car after an accident in Boulder

Negotiating a Settlement

Your attorney can start negotiations with the other party to come up with a settlement agreement. They may use their experience from settling cases in the past as leverage when trying to get you an even higher amount for your case.

The Claim Goes to Trial

Our experienced lawyers provide clients with legal representation through settlement negotiations with opposing counsel for resolution of pending litigation. However, if this does not happen for one reason or another they can provide qualified representation at trial.

 How is Fault Determined For Car Accidents?

After a car accident, it's important to know who the responsible party is so you can file the proper claim and receive compensation for injuries. Many times proving your case will depend on whether or not someone was being negligent when they caused the crash- but these days there are all sorts of tricky situations that might be hard to prove.

In many cases, determining who was responsible following an automobile collision matters because this information determines what type of settlement one may get from their insurance company after filing a report on damages sustained during the incident. There could be confusion about which party actually caused the accident to happen.

Colorado follows the modified comparative negligence legal premise, which means that if you are less than 50% responsible for an accident and have sustained damages because of it then you can seek compensation. But your percentage of responsibility in causing the injury to yourself will determine how much money is taken off from what damage award they should be given. If someone was found at least partially liable for their own injuries but still injured themselves as a result of another's actions - say 40% - then only 60 cents would be awarded per dollar lost by them due to those other person's wrongdoing.

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Our experienced car accident lawyers are here to help you when a loved one has been seriously hurt or killed in an auto accident. We know how hard it is for someone who needs life-saving medical care and cannot work anymore, so we will fight every day of the week for what's fair and just with your injury case.

Here at DCAL, our attorneys have experience handling all types of auto accident cases in Boulder courts and throughout Colorado! We understand that there may not be much money left over after paying medical costs while recovering from severe injuries; so we charge no upfront fees and will work tirelessly on your behalf until justice prevails. Call our legal team today at 720-770-5454 to get started.

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