Have you or someone you know been attacked by a dog? It may be advisable to consult with an attorney who handles dog bite cases. Dog bites have the potential to cause significant harm, including expensive medical expenses and financial burdens. If you have been bitten by a dog, a lawyer can assist you in receiving appropriate compensation from the animal's owner or other parties responsible.

When you speak with a Denver dog bite lawyer, they will investigate your case and determine if you have a valid claim. An injury attorney will evaluate your situation to determine if the dog owner was negligent in their duties. If so, the skilled attorney will work with you to help you seek compensation for your injuries, medical bills, pain and suffering, and other losses associated with the attack.

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Overview of Dog Bite Laws in Denver

Dog bite cases in Colorado can involve complex legal matters, and seeking the help of an experienced dog bite attorney is highly recommended. Depending on the circumstances of the attack, a victim may be entitled to compensation for incurred medical costs, future medical needs, scarring or disfigurement, and other permanent physical disabilities.

Dog owners can be held strictly liable for serious bodily injuries as a result of a dog bite or attack under state law, and may also be held liable for lesser injuries or all damages if it is found that they were negligent or their animal had dangerous propensities.

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In any case, victims must remember to initiate their legal proceedings within two years of the attack in order to exercise their right to collect damages; this is due to a statute of limitations identified by Section 13-80-102 of the Colorado Revised Statutes.

The complicated process involved with seeking just compensation for a Denver-area dog bite should not deter victims from pursuing justice. An experienced dog bite attorney can provide invaluable assistance throughout each step, from filing paperwork to reaching an equitable settlement agreement.

Doing so will place victims in firm standing to receive the maximum compensation for an injury, along with non-economic damages should negligence or improper animal control be proven.

What Should I Do if I've Been Injured by a Dog Bite?

If you’ve been bitten by a dog, the first thing you should do is seek medical attention if needed. Dog bites can cause serious physical injuries and infections that require immediate treatment. If possible, obtain contact information for the dog’s owner and any witnesses to the attack. Make sure to record any witness testimony as possible for your own records too.

You may also want to photograph any physical injuries that were sustained from the bite or scratches suffered during the attack. Once all this is done, you will be ready to make an official police report regarding the incident so an officer can document your version of events along with any statements given by witnesses or other corroborating evidence.

Strict Liability Statue in Dog Attacks

An animal bite claim for a dog bite attack is a claim for damages where the owner is held responsible regardless of their level of fault. In most cases, these claims for compensation are only filed if the attack resulted in severe injury or death. Colorado Revised Statutes 13-21-124 states that an owner would be strictly liable if the victim was not trespassing and they sustained serious injuries or death.

This means they can be held accountable even if they had no way to stop the attack from happening or could not have been expected to prevent it. Additionally, other cases involving permanent scarring, disfigurement, or long-term disability may also be eligible for financial compensation in a bite injury claim.

Learn More: How to Know if You Have an Injury Claim

When pursuing a personal injury claim against a dog bite attack, it’s important to take steps to collect evidence that shows both fault and damages. Having proof of medical bills, medical records, and other related expenses will help strengthen your case and provide justification for seeking fair compensation from the owner.

If you were injured in such an incident, consulting with an experienced attorney about filing a strict liability claim can give you legal advice tailored to your particular situation so you can seek justice and potentially obtain financial relief.

How Bad Does a Dog Bite Have to Be to Sue in Denver?

In Colorado, a dog bite victim can sue if the attack causes physical injury or emotional distress. To be successful in a dog bite lawsuit, the plaintiff must prove that the dog's owner knew or should have known of the animal's dangerous propensities or prior aggressive behavior and failed to take reasonable steps to protect others from harm. 

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When it comes to dog bites, the extent of the injury is not a factor in determining whether or not you have a legal case. Whether it's a minor bite or a major one, you still have the right to seek justice and compensation for your injuries. This is why it's important to contact an experienced dog bite lawyer if you have been injured.

How Long Do I Have to File a Lawsuit for a Dog Bite in Colorado?

The statute of limitations in Denver for filing a bite injury lawsuit for injuries resulting from a dog bite in the state of Colorado is three years from the date of the incident. However, if the plaintiff is under 18 or under legal disability at the time of the accident, then this statute is tolled until they reach 18 years old or become legally competent. In either case, filing any pet-related injury claim within this 3-year window is essential in order to achieve any sort of successful legal action.

It’s important that victims not wait too long to seek legal action. Even though 3 years may seem like a long enough period of time, it’s incredibly easy to get sidetracked by other obligations and forget that you need to take steps to recover your losses. Therefore, it’s best practice for anyone that has suffered an animal-related injury to consult with an experienced personal injury lawyer right away so as not to miss out on any possible compensation.

Common Types of Dog Bite Injuries

Dog bites can cause a variety of injuries that range from minimal to severe, and can even include fatal injuries. Swelling, bruising, and puncture wounds are some of the most common dog bite injuries.

Once a victim is bitten by a dog, the initial pain and shock should be attended to immediately. Bruising may occur due to broken blood vessels beneath the surface of the skin caused by compression and kneading at the site of the bite. Puncture bite wounds also commonly result in secondary infections due to bacteria from saliva entering an open wound.

If not correctly treated, these wounds become easily infected and may require antibiotics or other treatments in order to heal properly. It’s important for victims of dog bites to seek medical care as soon as possible as some injuries sustained during an animal attack may last a lifetime and lead to permanent scarring if not properly cared for.

Compensation for Dog Bite Injuries in Chicago

When it comes to receiving compensation after sustaining a dog bite injury in Denver, many factors can affect the amount awarded. On the surface, damages for accident-related costs and lost wages may seem straightforward, but other factors such as the average cost of future medical treatment, pain and suffering, and any additional losses resulting from the incident may be taken into account as well. Furthermore, the jurisdiction where the injury occurred has implications on how much compensation is applicable.

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It's important to consult a personal injury attorney experienced in bite incidents for advice on your specific situation in order to understand all of the options available to you and what types of damages a court might award you. A bite defense attorney can advise you on any particular laws governing dog bites in your area that are pertinent to your case.

They'll also be able to provide guidance with regard to filing an animal bite injury claim within a certain timeframe and all other necessary steps that must be taken in order to have the best chance at receiving equitable remuneration for your suffering.

Why You Should Hire a Dog Bite Attorney?

Dogs are powerful animals that can cause significant physical, emotional, and financial harm, and hiring an attorney makes it easier for injured people to receive the damage awards they deserve.

A knowledgeable personal injury lawyer will have the expertise and resources to represent clients affected by animal bites. They understand the finer points of Colorado’s statutes as applicable to these incidents as well as general case law related to personal injury. 

Call DCAL today to set up a free consultation with a Denver personal injury lawyer who will be able to assist you in many important aspects related to your case. Ultimately, having an experienced bite injury lawyer in Denver can prove essential if you are seeking justice as an attack victim.

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