Common Hazards Motorcyclists Should Avoid on the Road

For motorcycle riders, road hazards present a serious risk. Unlike cars or trucks that offer the protection of walls and roofs, motorcycles only provide minimal protection, making minor obstacles potentially life-threatening. From potholes to slippery roads, motorcyclists need to be aware of these hazards at all times to ensure their safety.

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Common Types of Road Hazards

As a motorcyclist in South Carolina, it is crucial to be aware of the dangers on the roads. Common road hazards that can lead to severe motorcycle accidents include imperfections in the pavement, uneven and broken pavement, loose gravel or debris, potholes, railroad tracks, and other wet or slippery surfaces. Most of these shortcomings can be very difficult for an unsuspecting motorcyclist to detect until it’s too late.

Slippery Surfaces

Riding on slippery surfaces is a hazard that motorcyclists should take into careful consideration. Slippery surfaces can range from leaves to oil, paint, and other materials that have not been properly cleaned up, leaving the roadway potentially hazardous to riders. The degree of fatalities that can come as a result of riding on slippery surfaces is truly massive – one wrong move and a rider could be significantly injured.

Ice and Snow

Ice and snow are also common road hazards motorcyclists encounter. Even a light dusting of snow or a thin layer of ice can be enough to cause a motorcycle to slip out from under its rider. When riding in areas with icy or snowy roads, it is important to take extra precautions.

Rain and Fog

Rain and fog can be a dangerous road hazard for motorcyclists. When roads become wet, they become slippery and it's much harder to control a motorcycle. Even light rain can reduce visibility and make it difficult to see potholes, uneven surfaces, or other dangers on the road.

a motorcycle driver pulled over to the side of the road because of the weather

Oil Spills

Oil spills are a potential hazard that all motorcyclists should be aware of when riding on the road. Oil can be found on the road for various reasons, such as vehicle leaks, oil spills from commercial vehicles, and leaks from tanks at a gas station or other facility. These spills can create hazardous road conditions which reduce traction and increase the risk of skidding and crashing.

Loose Gravel or Sand

Loose gravel or sand on the road can be a major additional hazard for motorcyclists. Loose gravel and sand can cause an unexpected loss of traction or loss of control, which can increase the chances of crashes. Motorcyclists should be especially careful when riding in areas where loose material is present, such as construction sites or areas with heavy dust due to dry conditions.

Uneven Surfaces

Uneven surfaces present dangerous risks for motorcycle riders, including the possibility of being thrown off the bike if the front tire gets stuck. The main causes of these bumps in roads come from road constructions that require digging some portions of the road, oversized and heavy vehicles traveling over them constantly, and persistent rains that corrode the underlying soil causing road deterioration.

Potholes and Cave-Ins

Potholes and cave-ins are two hazards motorcyclists should avoid on the road. Common potholes can be especially dangerous for motorcyclists because they can cause them to lose control of their bikes if they hit one too hard. Potholes also increase the chances of a flat tire or damage to the bike’s suspension system. 

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Bridge Joints & Expansion Joints

Bridge joints and expansion joints are common road dangers for motorcyclists. Bridge joints are metal plates or ridges that join two sections of a bridge together, while expansion joints fill gaps between two sections of a bridge or roadway. Both types of joints can be dangerous to motorcyclists because they can cause the bike to lose traction. 

Railway Tracks & Crossings

Railway tracks can be a serious hazard for motorcyclists, as a motorcycle’s tires are quite narrow and can easily fall into the gap between the two rails. This can cause the rider to lose control of their motorcycle, resulting in a crash or other serious injury. Even if there is no train present at the crossing, it is still important that motorcyclists approach railway crossings with caution.

Blind Spots

Driving in someone else's blind spot can be extremely dangerous. It can cause them to make a bad judgment while trying to change lanes, which could potentially lead to a serious accident. As a motorcycle driver, you must make sure you never ride in another vehicle's blind spot

Intersections, Driveways, and Parking Lots

Motorcyclists should be especially mindful of intersections, driveways, and parking lots as they can often be dangerous. As vehicles stop and start at intersections, drivers may not see a motorcycle in the area which can potentially cause an accident. Additionally, drivers may turn without signaling, leaving a motorcyclist unable to react quickly enough to avoid a crash. 

a man sitting on a motorcycle putting a helmet on

Vehicle Blind Spots When Passing Other Vehicles on the Road

Motorcyclists must take extreme caution when passing other vehicles on the road. It is important to remember that many larger motorized vehicles are equipped with blind spots where their drivers cannot see smaller objects, such as motorcycles. Motorcyclists should remain alert and aware of their surroundings at all times when passing other vehicles. 

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