If you've been involved in an accident and your medical expenses exceed the policy limits of the other driver, you may be wondering what your options are for additional compensation. Fortunately, assuming you were not the at-fault driver, there are several options available to help reduce the costs of your medical treatment debt and bodily injury costs.

Our experienced team of lawyers can evaluate your situation and provide guidance about potential routes for recovering more money above and beyond the at-fault driver's policy limits. Keep reading to find out about what happens if your medical bills exceed the insurance limit and what steps can be taken.

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What is an Insurance Limit? 

The insurance limit is the maximum amount that your auto insurance policy will pay in case of an accident. Unfortunately, most drivers have very basic insurance and the medical bills will often exceed the specified limit in this case, you will have to pay the additional costs of medical bills out-of-pocket. Insurance policies also contain specific clauses that determine the maximum amount they will pay out regardless of any additional cost necessary to fully compensate victims. 

What Happens if Medical Bills Exceed the Insurance Limit?

Medical bills can quickly become too much for any one person to possibly pay in such cases. It is important to reach out and get some help if you find yourself overwhelmed by medical expenses that exceed the limits of a policy. In situations where the medical bills exceed a policy limit, it is necessary to seek payment from all other possible sources including additional defendants in the case.

It is imperative to make sure all laws are properly followed when proceeding with your case. Many times, because of negligence or malicious intent, legal proceedings can become very difficult if not done correctly. Consulting an experienced lawyer who specializes in such cases will be hugely beneficial and will ensure that opportunities like pursuing additional defendants are not overlooked. Moreover, lawyers should provide guidance on how best to access compensation beyond just the policy limit and make sure no law is broken during such proceedings.

Determining Fault in an Accident

In Colorado, if you are more than 50 percent responsible for an accident, you may not be eligible to receive any compensation from the other driver and you will need to pay for any medical and repair bills yourself. This is why it is essential to have an insurance adjuster evaluate your claim to determine which driver is at fault. 

An insurance adjuster will be assigned to your claim upon filing and they will collect information regarding the accident. The process of investigation may involve examining a police report, conducting interviews with relevant individuals, and analyzing photographs of any damage. The adjuster reviews the details of the accident in order to assess who was the negligent driver, and who is legally considered 'at fault' for the insurer. 

Liability for Damages and Injuries

In cases where negligence results in injury, the victim will likely be legally entitled to receive compensation from the responsible party. To seek financial compensation, a personal injury lawsuit requires proof of liability and damages. To establish liability in the accident, you must prove that the defendant had a responsibility to exercise care towards you, and they failed to exercise caution which resulted in your injury. Furthermore, if you have suffered injuries that require long-term care, there may be excess amounts of money needed to pay the past and current payments.

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The compensation that you will receive will help cover bills for all your medical care expenses including personal care services, inpatient care at a medical care facility, dependent care expenses, or lifetime care if you are now in a disabled condition due to the accident. The compensation can also cover the costs of future care needed and may provide qualified long-term care services.

In this situation, you should seek legal counsel to ensure that you are adequately compensated and that all of your medical bills are covered. Furthermore, it's highly recommended to keep all your medical records prescribed by a licensed health care practitioner. 

Insurance Options to Cover Unpaid Medical Costs

If your medical bills exceed the insurance limit for a covered service, you may be responsible for paying the difference. This can be a daunting financial burden and leave you feeling overwhelmed. Fortunately, there are options available to help cover unpaid medical care costs.

Understanding Your Current Auto Insurance Policy

Before you seek additional amounts of financial compensation from the fault party, it's necessary that you understand your current auto insurance policy and the insurance coverage of the at-fault party. You need to know what is included in the coverage and how much will be paid out from an accident. If your medical bills exceed the auto policy limits, you may be responsible for paying any additional amounts.

This can be financially devastating and can lead to a great deal of stress, so a qualified accident attorney can help you understand what your current auto insurance policy is, how much you will receive from the at-fault party, and how much extra you will need to pay.

Umbrella Policies to Increase Coverage Limits

Umbrella insurance is invaluable if you’re involved in an auto accident. This type of policy kicks in after the primary coverage limit on your auto liability insurance has been reached. An umbrella policy not only helps cover any potential damages awarded during court proceedings but also provides coverage for legal fees that can be incurred from defending oneself in a personal injury lawsuit.

Having additional financial protection with an umbrella policy provides peace of mind that any resulting judgments or settlements over your accepted automobile claim won't get you into major financial trouble. Even though adding umbrella insurance to an existing plan may increase the cost of monthly premiums, it pays off in the long term if the unfortunate event of an uninsured auto accident occurs and more than what is already covered under your existing policies is required.

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Covering yourself with extra protection ensures that if something happens, you won't have to worry about debts piling up beyond what traditional car insurance coverage offers.

Negotiate with a Medical Provider

Negotiating with a medical provider or health insurance company can be an option if you have any outstanding debt due to an accident injury. If this is your case, it's important to reach out to an experienced attorney who understands how difficult it can be to manage such expenses.

By engaging in negotiations with the company, your lawyer will work to reduce your costs overall and offer different strategies that could help you pay off the bills without having them sent to collections in the future. This could include requesting the provider to accept an amount lower than the actual bill, which could make all the difference when it comes to ensuring that you are able to manage these payments effectively.

Your car accident lawyer always has experience working with specific types of healthcare insurers, so they can advise on what type of reductions or modifications may be possible based on their practices. They will use their legal knowledge and resources at hand to try and represent your best interests during this process and ensure a positive outcome for you. Whether it's negotiating better payment terms or requesting discounts, they'll do all they can to get those medical bills reduced. 

How Do Insurance Limits Affect Auto Accident Settlements? 

Insurance policy limits play an important role when it comes to settling a claim or lawsuit. Generally, the liability insurance carried by drivers will not cover damages and injury costs that exceed their policy limits; therefore, it is essential to be aware of the limit and how this may affect any settlements.

Knowing if the party at fault has additional coverage, such as an umbrella policy, is also important. This type of coverage typically goes above and beyond the "standard" insurance policy by increasing the limit exponentially. In many cases, this allows for more money to be available in a settlement due to this additional coverage.

FAQ: What if the at-fault party doesn't have insurance?

When another driver’s careless behavior leads to a serious collision, victims can be left with physical injuries, emotional trauma, and mounting financial expenses. Unfortunately, many insurance companies prioritize their own bottom line over what is actually fair for the victim. If you have been hurt in an auto accident and have high medical bills due to someone else’s negligence, it is important to seek legal help at once. 

Can You Sue for More than the Insurance Limit?

When a person is hurt in an accident, they may be entitled to sue for more money than the policy limit of a responsible party. When filing a lawsuit, damages are typically sought based on the full amount of loss suffered by the victim. This means that even if the sum of money provided in insurance coverage does not reach the full amount of loss, victims can still seek the remainder from those involved in causing their harm.

For instance, if there are multiple parties responsible for an accident, victims can start by suing each defendant for more than their respective insurance policies and then work to settle for whatever sources remain available. In some cases, umbrella insurance will provide additional coverage and benefits that are above and beyond one specific policy limit. Additionally, any out-of-pocket costs paid by those responsible because of court rulings can help cover gaps between policy limits and compensation required by the victim.

Why You Should Consider Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney

Hiring a personal injury lawyer will help with any kind of legal issue, but especially in the case of an automobile accident, can be one of the smartest decisions you can make. An experienced attorney is aware of all the specific state and federal laws pertaining to car accidents and will be able to quickly determine what kind of compensation you should seek for your damages. It is also beneficial to have a lawyer's expertise when it comes to filing claims with insurance companies and defending your rights as much as possible.

By hiring an attorney who specializes in handling car accidents, you are also getting someone who has extensive knowledge on how to structure settlements and negotiate effectively with other drivers, insurance companies, and other attorneys. They can explain the state’s legal process in regard to liability claims, uninsured motor vehicle insurance, and umbrella insurance so that you better understand how they work and how they may affect your case.

Hiring a lawyer may even prevent you from being taken advantage of by the at-fault driver or their insurance company if they attempt to avoid offering full compensation for your injuries and new medical conditions acquired after the accident. Don't simply assume that any offer made by an insurance company is in your best interest. It's best to always consult with a lawyer first.

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If your medical bills exceed the insurance limit following an accident, it can be a daunting and stressful experience. Unfortunately, this is a situation that many car accident victims face. Fortunately, Denver Car Accident Lawyers can help you understand your basic rights in this situation and get the financial compensation you need to cover your medical expenses.

Denver Car Accident Lawyers will thoroughly and diligently investigate your case. Our experienced attorneys have the knowledge and experience to help you get the maximum amount of compensation to make sure you, as the victim, get the financial compensation that you deserve for your injuries, pain, and suffering. Call Denver Car Accident Lawyers (DCAL) today for a free consultation. 

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