Why You Should Take Photos of Your Car Accident

When you are in an automobile accident, it can be a stressful and overwhelming experience. Take photos of your car accident to help you protect your rights and interests in case of a dispute between you and the other driver or insurance companies. Photos provide an objective record of what happened at the site and can be used as evidence if needed.

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Pictures Are an Important Type of Evidence

When you are involved in a car or traffic accident, it is important to take pictures first before moving any of the vehicles. Taking pictures can provide valuable evidence that could be crucial in settling an insurance dispute after the crash. It's important to photograph the positioning of the vehicles involved, any damage that was done to either car, and any debris from the crash. This will help document how exactly the crash occurred and can be used to demonstrate who may be at fault for paying for damages.


If there are no criminal circumstances pertaining to the cause of the crash, it’s generally safe to move both cars out of travel lanes in order to ensure everyone’s safety on site. However, before doing so, make sure you have taken pictures so your case will remain secure. If you would like more support regarding filing a personal injury claim related to a car accident, please contact our legal team of experienced personal injury lawyers who will help you better understand your rights and get you appropriate compensation should any legal action arise from your accident.

How to Take Photos of Your Car Accident

When an insurance claim or legal case comes up, having specific accident scene photos can be a huge asset. Even if your photos may not be needed now, having them in the long run can be very beneficial. Knowing how to capture accurate automobile photos during an accident will give a great advantage when dealing with an insurer or attorney about any details concerning the legal liability of parties involved in the vehicle accident. A well-executed flurry of images might just be what makes all the difference in getting the desired outcome from your car accident.

When documenting the accident through photography, it is important to ensure that the images are crisp and devoid of blurriness. It may be necessary to take photos with and without a flash, particularly in low-light conditions. Based on the lighting conditions, it may be necessary to make adjustments to the camera settings on your phone in order to capture clear photos. When submitting pictures for an insurance claim, it is important to ensure they are clear. Use a steady hand and the correct setting to capture high-quality photos.

It is recommended to take many pictures and capture every detail possible. It is advisable to promptly take photos following an accident, as there is a chance that individuals may begin to move vehicles or alter the evidence. It is important to capture the event as quickly as possible.

What You Should Photograph at a Car Accident Scene

There are several important aspects that should be documented at the scene of a car accident. After an accident, it is important to take pictures of the accident to the best of your ability, even if you may feel flustered and overwhelmed. If you are injured in an accident and can't take your own photos, request roadside assistance or a witness to take photos of the entire scene for documentation purposes.


Your Vehicle

First and foremost, you should take pictures of your own vehicle for the accident claim. Make sure that you thoroughly document the vehicle, capturing every detail from multiple angles and ensuring that the lighting accurately depicts any dents or scratches. If your airbag deploys, it is important to also document the interior of your vehicle, including any damage to windows and glass.

The Other Driver's Vehicle

It is equally important to take pictures of the vehicle damage of the other car as well as your own. Regardless of who is at fault, your insurance agent will request that you provide photos of the other driver's vehicle for your auto insurance claim. It is advisable to document the damage on the other vehicle at the crash scene by taking multiple photographs. This will provide evidence of the property damage and fault in the accident for the insurance companies to assess.

Glass, Vehicle Parts, and Debris

Accident photos should include images of broken glass, vehicle parts, and debris. Even if the accident is a minor fender bender, the crash details matter, and detailed accident pictures of broken pieces of the vehicles on the ground are essential. Make sure the accident scene pictures are detailed so you can submit photo evidence of details for the crash report.

Tire Marks

Capturing images of tire marks and skid marks is crucial as they provide valuable information to the insurance agency for determining fault in an accident. If the accident report is inaccurately written and you have been assigned fault for the accident, skid marks could provide evidence to the contrary.

Take Pictures of Your Injuries

Accurately recording your injuries following a crash is crucial for filing an insurance claim or pursuing legal action. Photographs serve as crucial evidence and taking pictures of your injuries soon after the incident will help you secure necessary compensation for medical bills and missed work due to recovery.


If you need help taking photos, seek assistance from someone else. Pictures of visible wounds are useful in assisting doctors in evaluating your condition and determining legal liability for the accident. Additionally, if your injuries are not immediately visible injuries such as internal trauma or long-term health conditions, keep records of medical documents and tests like x-rays or MRIs that demonstrate the extent of your injury. An experienced lawyer can then use these photos and documents to make a case on your behalf.

Take Pictures of the Surrounding Areas 

Another suggestion is to take photos of the surrounding areas. When documenting the accident scene location, it is crucial to capture details such as mile markings, traffic signals, or traffic signs. There are often items or objects around that accident that can paint a clearer picture of why the accident happened and where exactly it occurred. Your insurance provider will request documentation and photos of the surrounding area, which will be beneficial.

Furthermore, it's important to capture images of the weather conditions and road conditions as well. If the accident was caused by weather conditions such as ice, snow, hail, or heavy rain, it should be documented with photos.

Take More Pictures Than You Think You Need

Taking a sufficient number of photos can be helpful for documenting an accident scene. It’s important to remember that once the scene has been cleaned up, you won’t be able to take any further pictures. That's why it's best practice to take as many photos as possible so that every possible angle and detail is correctly captured.

If You Can't Take Photos, Get Someone You Trust to Do It

While getting your own pictures of the accident is ideal, if you aren't able to do so, it is still important to document the accident in some way. Ask someone on the scene that you trust to take the pictures for you. Provide clear instructions on how to complete the task and specify which subjects to photograph. Don't hesitate to be assertive or direct, as this is an important issue for you.


After taking the pictures, verify that they are clear and of good quality. Ensure that photographs have been taken of both vehicles involved in the accident, all injuries sustained, and the surrounding areas. If they have not taken enough photos, request that they return and take more until you are satisfied with the number and quality of recorded images.

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